Ronny Rose




Storyteller. Documentarian. Photographer.

I've been extremely fortunate to've walked an unorthodox path. Throughout my life many creative disciplines have pulled me in and taught me about both myself and the world. Painting, writing, performance art, and sculpture lead me to the camera, but the palette of human emotions has made me want to tell other people's stories. As my path has weaved I've continued to be curious and to grow, and along the way stills led to timelapse, timelapse led to the aerials, and complex topics led me to filmmaking. 

Today, I'm grateful to be able to travel the globe crafting stories. Using combinations of multiple mediums I seek to find both comprehensive and compelling ways to engage with, and discuss the world. Each project has different needs and approaches, but I try to never lose sight on the most important component...The human one.

-Ronny Rose